Why would someone spend time and money on customized shirts? Shouldn’t they spend it on other stuff? Basically, yes, they can. However, here are several reasons why you must avail Portland Screen Printing for your business and how you would benefit from it. 

 Custom Shirts


What is the reason why automobile manufacturers place their logo in the back and front of their cars? It is free marketing, seen by tons of individuals each day. Also, almost all of those individuals are possible clients. Not placing the logo would be missing a huge possibility. You are also missing out if you are not doing some type of customize goods for your firm. Each time a person wearing your shirt visits a convention, goes running, or shopping, they are advertising your business.  

Team Spirit 

Without the help of the team, nothing really great was completed. Without their family, sponsors, or coach, solo athletes are nothing. Also, it has been verified that the greatest performing squads are the ones that are the utmost solid. How would you do it? Well, uniform is one way to do it. 

According to a research, uniforms could improve the self-confidence of the employees and increase their credibility.  

Keep in mind that this is not just an internal aspect – your fans or clients could be on your squad.  

Client Loyalty 

It is really hard to generate brand equity. However, do not let it go if you have attained it. To keep your business in the head of your greatest client, utilize customize shirts. You have got a chance to reach your brand in their home. Thus, utilize it.  


Individuals love to win. Offer them free shirts in return for making them do a thing for your business. This would keep them on your business. Here are some amazing instances: 

The employees of Creditsafe were taken to Spain for holiday. All of them got a free shirt and all of them wore the shirt for their group picture.  

To incentivize people to fill in their surveys, Hotiar utilize shirts and hoodies.  

Provide a free shirt as a prize for signing up to an event or course – such as Clickfunnels. 

Packrun provides a prize running shirt for volunteers and runners once they attain particular marks.  

Every shirt would only cost you several dollars. However, you will gain much more in return.  


You could sell your customized shirts to generate more revenue. That can be online or via physical shop. Why not create an exclusive shirt for the attendees if you are organizing an event. This would advertise your business upfront. There are a lot of online shops that would handle all tasks for you if you are selling online. You could eventually begin benefiting from scale economies and make a lot of money once you begin to order shirts in huge numbers. Think about your audience before you commit in printing. What would your clients wear? Fit type or color?